Several years ago, my friend Elizabeth Burke and I rowed twice a week through the Seattle winter. We ventured out without fail as dawn was breaking - rowing two single shells or a double. We'd row from the Fremont Bridge to the Chittenden Locks and back, or maybe across Lake Union and on to Lake Washington. Sometimes we'd come back to our home at the Lake Washington Rowing Club and wipe the ice off our boats. But we always came back with an irrefutable sense of moral superiority! We'd done it again!

Rowing - particularly Rowing Through the Winter - provides a richness of metaphors...instructive in my life as a Family Physician and the Home Dialysis CarePartner for my profoundly ill husband, Steve Williams. Now that Steve is gone, rowing reminds me of consistency and focus - so critical during grieving. Rowing requires balance, as does my life.

Row with me this winter. Linda Gromko, MD

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Queen Anne Medical Weight Loss Rowing Experience: a Sunny Success!

With Seattle weather so unpredicatable lately, Queen Anne Medical Weight Loss* was graced with a spectacular day of sun for our Experience Rowing Event!

Directed by LWRC's Mike Rucier and Andy Rees - and with assistance from Kim Biggs - our group took an eight for a tour of Lake Union.

The group of six "losers"- who has lost a collective 300 pounds on our Program - was elated!

Nobody fell in; we got back to the dock intact. Better yet, one of our members committed to a Learn-to-Row Class with her husband for later in the season.

This is no small victory for a group of folks who have typically stayed away from physical exercise - particularly activity with the intensity of rowing. Our Program's purpose, of course, is to make such activities approachable. Hopefully, such exercise will become a lifelong part of an effective weight management strategy.

(To that end, our group is hosting a Kayak Event June 12 at Northwest Outdoor Center!)

Sincere thanks to Mike, Andy, and Kim - and to LWRC - for hosting this picture-perfect event. We hope it's the first of many!

Take care,
Linda Gromko, MD
*Queen Anne Medical Weight Loss is a division of my family practice: Queen Anne Medical Associates, PLLC.

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